Short Answers to Big Questions

1. If God is so good, why does He allow evil? (February 13)

For many, the existence of evil in a world where there is a God who is all-loving, all-powerful, and all-good simply does not make sense. Can the two co-exist? We are going to take a close look at this question from the intellectual conundrum it presents to the profoundly felt-level at which we experience it.

2. That might be true for you, but not for me!(March 5)

In a pluralistic world in which many options exist for meaning and peace, who's to say that there is only one truth? And even if there is one truth, does that necessarily mean that one person adhering to a truth contrary to another is wrong? Can we not just both be right? We will discuss this questions in this session.

3. Isn't faith for the weak in mind? (March 19)

What is the nature of faith? Is it merely a leap in the dark? or can intelligent people truly engage in the act of faith? We are going to zoom in on what faith really means from a Christian perspective in this session.

4. But hasn't science defeated faith? (April 2)

Have you ever wondered whether science is contradictory to faith in God? This is a belief widely held. We will explore this idea and how the Christian faith responds to this dilemma.

5. Who was Jesus? (April 16)

What is so significant about a Jewish rabbi from a small town in the ancient Middle Eastern world? What is it about the person of Jesus Christ that has caused kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers, and people of all social and economic classes to investigate his life and also follow him? We will take a look here.

6. Did Jesus fail at his job? (May 7)

A frequent objection raised against Christianity goes like this: If Jesus Christ was God in flesh and he came to deal with all the evil in the world, it looks like Jesus' mission fell short because there is still so much evil in this world. Did Jesus fail at his job? Why did he die on the cross? We will explore this question further in this session.

You are welcomed into this series that Nathan Betts of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries will be leading for us. There will be a discussion, Q&A, and time to network at each session.


We would love to see you there!


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